We provide the comforts of home with the assistance you need.

We provide the comforts of home with the assistance you need.

At Senior Care Decatur your rapid recovery is our primary goal.

Our roots are here in Texas, as are our families, so it goes without saying that we care for our guests as if they were our neighbors who have come for a stay in our home.

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About Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation Decatur

Senior Care Decatur has a reputation of delivering unparalleled medical care for post-hospital recovery, skilled nursing and long-term care. Our location benefits from its placement on the campus of Wise Health System, a highly regarded regional medical system affiliated with Baylor Scott & White Health. As part of Foursquare Healthcare, a privately owned Texas-based company, we are committed to enriching the lives of our guests and their families, as well as our employees, through astute leadership, stable financial resources, exceptional staffing, and continually evolving programs. And, while our commitment to best practices in the healthcare business is serious, we blend that seriousness with a warmhearted spirit that reflects the community we serve.

The Ultimate Goal

Our focus is on your recovery to get you to your ultimate goal – home. We base this goal our company’s four tenets of care. These four tenets are found in the Foursquare Healthcare logo and the company name (Foursquare). The tulip is the traditional “get-well” flower and the “four squares” represent our foundational services – nursing, therapy, pharmacare and hospitality. To achieve the level of care and recovery you expect and we strive for, our facility provides the highest level of satisfaction, safety and health for guests, residents and their families. To further this goal, we’ve adopted nine tenets as the foundation of our “Code of Customer Service.”  These guidelines are proudly displayed at Senior Care Decatur.

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What is Texas hospitality?

It might not be a “howdy,” yet when you enter our doors, our people greet you with a welcoming smile and a warm hello. We want your stay in our short-term rehabilitation and long-term care center to be a home away from home so that it’s familiar and comforting. You’ll find touches of Texas throughout in the artwork, colors and room décor. We even invite your pets to visit along with your family! Our community is attractively decorated with a traditional, western theme throughout in the artwork, colors and room décor.

The Welcoming Cowgirl

Maybe it was the cowgirl's confidence or that warm, open Texas smile, either way, the cowgirl art you see on our walls is part of the welcome we want each guest to feel when they walked into our lobby. The artist, Donna Howell-Sickles, was born in Gainesville, Texas and grew up on a 900-acre farm. It was while attending Texas Tech that she acquired an old 1935 post card depicting a cowgirl seated on a horse that read, "Greetings from a Real Cowgirl from the Ole Southwest;" from there a muse was found. Our cowgirl art is from Donna's "Welcome Home" series. With that same wholehearted exuberance expressed in those paintings, we welcome you to your home away from home.

Welcoming Cowgirl art painting